Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BEARTREK filming to begin soon!
We recently took the exciting step of selecting the first two locations for our feature film BEARTREK ( This summer we head to the incredible and unique island of Borneo to film the sun bear in it's tropical rainforest habitat. We'll be joining bear biologist Siew Te Wong as he captures and tracks sun bears in some of the most difficult field conditions on earth. We'll also be filming orangutans, and hope to see Asian elephants! Read more about Siew Te Wong's work on his project website: Following that we're heading to the coast of Alaska to film the beautiful brown bears of Katmai - one of the densest bear populations in the world and a place that I guide trips to every year. We'll be filming during the peak of the salmon run which means lots of bear action! At this point it looks like filming locations in 2008 will include India, Mongolia, Canada, and Peru.

Our fund-raising continues - please consider making a donation to help gobal bear conservation through BEARTREK, and a big thank you to the many people who already have!

For the story of how BEARTREK got started, click here:

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