Monday, October 29, 2007

Above image (c) Cede Prudente

Above image (c) Chris Morgan
Borneo shoot a roaring success!
October 29th, 2007
The Wildlife Media team is fresh back from filming BEARTREK in Borneo - leg two of our global motorcycle wildlife adventure. We spent an incredible month traveling in search of sun bears, orangutans, elephants and gibbons in the dense, tropical rainforest of Malaysia. We returned home with over 60 hours of footage including spectacular scenes of 'Chura' - a 10 month old orphaned bear cub who is being prepared for a life in the wild by our friend and colleague Siew Te Wong. BEARTREK will profile his incredible work for sun bear conservation as we paint a picture of this secretive bear species and it's amazingly biodiverse habitat. In addition to Chura (Malay for 'hope'), another highlight was tracking 87 wild Bornean pygmy elephants for several days. We obtained some spectacular footage and recordings as we moved among the herd just feet away.

Now to the editing - we will be combining footage from Katmai (Alaska) and Borneo into a 10-15 minute demo reel (no small task considering the amount of footage we have!). Then our fund-raising efforts shift into high gear as we prepare to film in Canada, Mongolia, India, and Peru in 2008. Through Wildlife Media's Global Bear Conservation Initiative (GBCI), 25% of our production budget (about $400,000) will be donated to several high priority bear conservation projects on the ground (including those we are profiling in the film). In addition, all profits from the sale of the film upon completion will be pumped directly back into bear conservation and to seed fund the next Wildlife Media campaign and production. To find out more click here. To make a donation, click here.

We'll be updating the BEARTREK website with images and clips soon - watch this space! In the meantime, a small sample of images:


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